to connect

I invite you to STOP AND RESTORE the lost link with ourselves.

A magical and sensory experience...

Connecting through the mud, we will travel to you. and you will see that once you find yourself, you will be your precious treasure.

We will let our imagination run wild and create beautiful pieces with materials as noble as clay and water, shaping it with your own hands.

You can create any tableware or decorative object such as cups, plates, flowerpots, stars, among many other things.

You don't need to have any previous knowledge, you just want to enjoy a unique experience..

Once the workshop is over, we will leave the pieces to dry. Then I will fire them, glaze them, fire them again and you can remove them.

Wearing an object made by you on a daily basis is an indescribable experience..

Write me by whatsapp or call me and together we will organise your workshop!


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