Hello, I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Gime, creator of Alas para Volar.

I'll tell you a little about myself...

I was born in Buenos AiresAt the age of 24 I went to live 720 km away from there (in a province called Cordoba), I married the love of my life and we had three dream children..

Graduated in Business Administration and Management, make-up artist, graphic and interior designer; and today dedicated to what I love and what I am so passionate about: ceramics.

In 2019 we pack our 5 suitcases, we closed the house, and the company in Argentina and we came to our beloved Spainto continue our story.

Once here, looking to find myself, ceramics came into my life, bringing me peace and helping me to enjoy the moments and the people I love.

Wings to Fly was born with the aim of bringing peaceconnecting with oneself and with others, and enjoy every moment: from the Here and Now so precious.

I am passionate about life, a globetrotter by nature, a lover of creativity...

With my pieces what I seek is to transmit my energy and my desire to enjoy every instant, every moment with our loved ones and above all to to enjoy ourselves, dedicating unforgettable moments to each other.

Each piece I make is unique, it takes something of me with it: the love and passion I put into each creation.

Do not hesitate to contact me!


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